Monday, October 3, 2011

The Mathematics of Samantha Bluth

There’s been a hole in my heart since the spring of 2009. For years, I’ve searched to fill it with female-lead sitcoms but my efforts were fruitless. The laughs weren’t as hearty, the joy wasn’t as sweet, the faces weren’t as pretty; I found myself left with a rotating series of poor men’s Christinas. Yes, the whole in my heart was drilled when ABC cancelled Samantha Who and took Christina Applegate out of my living room every Monday.

Suddenly… the heavens opened and I was blinded by a shining light! Could it be?! Yes! Twas’ Christina Applegate’s whimsical blonde locks! Once again she’s returned to my living room every Wednesday night in the new comedy, Up All Night. God bless you, NBC. God bless you.

If there’s a recipe for the perfect sitcom, it has been found: ((Lorne Michaels + Christina Applegate + Will Arnett + Maya Rudolph + a really cute baby)*(Viewers who miss Samantha Who)*(Viewers who hated In The Motherhood)) – Anything that sucks = Perfection || Up All Night. Umm… nerd alert—SOMEONE GET ME AWAY FROM MY DESK… STAT!

And not to overlook the fact that this show also serves as the triumphant (correct, we are NOT considering Running Wilde) sitcom return of Gob Bluth II aka Will Arnett. As most of you entertainment enthusiasts know, Will Arnett is actually the bridegroom of one Amy Poehler which solidifies his place in my fantasy dinner party. Ahh yes I can see it now: “Will, can you please pass the Waldorf salad?” “Sure, Laura, just after Tina Fey is done picking out all the grapes and tossing them in George Bush’s mouth. Might I say, this is a fabulous party.”

Someday my fantasy dinner party will cease to be a figment of my imagination and establish itself in real life… preferably at a place with a bountiful meatball selection. Until then, I can join the Brinkley’s at theirs, blissfully sipping wine with my very own Gob Bluth (manfriend, of course). I leave you now with a celebration of sitcom stars of ole and their newest programming baby. Happy pants-peeing J